To whom it may concern,

Hello! How are you? I am writing to you today to tender my resignation and effective immediately.
It’s been a blast the past year and a lot of life has and had happen…priceless moments to be exact. Words can’t even express the inner feeling of gratitude and peace that you have given me. It is a humbling experience to be in this school of life…..but you were there every step of the way—as my guiding light.

img_1371Thank you for the memories, laughter, sacrifices, and joy that you brought into this world….the wonderful smile that you left to each and everyone of us… family, friends, colleagues who became family, and close friends….and will never be forgotten.

It was indeed a wonderful journey….deeply engraved in my soul…but I guess every journey has its own end…much like the old adage of “life is a journey not a destination”….

But I guess the journey has now come to an end….but what I do believe… is only the beginning….of even more beautiful events and destinations.

As I bade farewell to you….I gave you much love and respect to everything you’ve done….one day we’ll meet again…in his time, we will have our coffee again…

Take care as always….




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